Auditions 2020

This page contains all the information you need to prepare for and record your audition!

Pick your audition script

Pick from one of the 14 different scripts in the link below.

We will consider you for all the roles in the musical, but it is important to pick a role which you think you can preform well.

Learn the song associated with that script BY HEART, and also take a look at some of the other scripts and songs as you may be asked to read for a different role in the in-class audition.


Practice your character

The worst that you can do is go in unprepared. We want you to give you the best chance to shine.

Read through the script and think about how to add flavour to each of the lines. A good starting point might be to watch some preformances of the character from other productions. Then try and add a little bit of your personal style to the character.

Get familiar with the song and think of ways you can add the character into it through movements, actions or vocal personality.

Create your audition

Video Auditions

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