Musical stars – Term One

Welcome back to many familiar faces and a special welcome to everyone who is joining us for the first time in 2019! We are really excited about what this year holds for our Musical Stars family.

This newsletter contains a lot of information about our programme for the year, and some important dates. Please do spend a few minutes working through and get those key dates into your diary early, then put this newsletter somewhere handy.

Let’s get started – what are we all about?

Musical Stars are classes for children who love performing, want to develop the art of engaging audiences, who can’t stop dancing, enjoy music and working as part of a team. Our passion is to provide children with the skills, confidence and secure environment to do all of these things. We take our youngest and build their skills giving them enough to succeed and enjoy while having fun. The older students continue to develop their skills and are challenged further with more performance opportunities introduced.

Our aim is to provide for every child’s need at an appropriate level, we are building their confidence together with their drive, commitment and ability. From providing development classes for those who need the basic skills to advanced programmes for those working at a higher level. Our experienced teachers continuously assess and make decisions according to individual needs. We are always happy to discuss your child so please feel free to contact me. As you can imagine classes can be very busy so it works best if you make a time to talk. Just email or call.


Musical Theatre, just like netball or soccer is a team sport – except with jazz hands! We are all working together towards a common goal. Your children may have discussed the contract they helped develop and co-signed with teachers in class recently, which sets out our expected codes of behavior and engagement. I was very impressed with their reflection and the values they decided to include in this agreement. This contract reinforces our kaupapa around inclusiveness, supportiveness, focus, perseverance and commitment to the team. I have attached a copy for your information.


Generally classes will be organised by birthday year. There are three age groups, working at the same time: Tui, Kea and Kereru. Please make sure you know the name of the group your child is in as it makes communication easier.



Invoices have been emailed so please contact us if you have not received yours. These can be paid directly into our account, Musical Stars 38-9012-0523096-00. The term fees cover our staff and venue costs, but there will be a few additional production costs throughout the year (see below).


Musical Stars Performance Trust

The production and performance side of Musical Stars is organised by the Musical Stars Performance Trust Board. While we aim to run on caffeine and the smell of an oily rag, there are significant costs involved with our performances. We try to minimise these through a combination of grants, sponsorship and donations of time, materials and services. Fundraising is always an option; however, it does require an extra time commitment.


The Trust seeks charitable grants to fund the show’s professional technical support (theatre hire, lighting and sound).


If you have or know of a local business that would be keen to help with sponsorship and/or would just like to profile their business in our marketing information for a very small fee, please let me know.

Family Production Levy

The family production levy is calculated each year based on the cost of the production, less any grants and sponsorship we receive, and contributes towards the costs of costumes and materials. Costs are kept to a minimum as much as possible and the more voluntary help we have, the more we can reduce this cost. In past years it has been about $75.

Show Merchandise

While the annual show t-shirt is an essential costume item for the show, it is also a great collectors piece for the children. It will be invoiced in Term 2 for approximately $22 and will be given to your child in theatre week.

However, after suggestions from parents, this year we are also excited to offer adult T-shirts for sale too @ $35 each. If you’d like either a Lion King or Jungle Book T-shirt please email me at your size details (S, M, L, XL, XXL) and preferences.

We also have a small number of gorgeous ‘Simba’ pendants for sale @ $10, in a choice of black or brass, if your children or their friends would like them as keepsake gifts. They are the size of a $2 coin. All the profit made from this sale will help pay costumes and masks.

The Lion King – Movie Fundraiser

July release, details to be confirmed. This iconic Disney movie has been remade and the trailer is stunning – check it out here  Stay tuned for dates and details as we pull together a movie night for friends and family to enjoy together and to help a little with fundraising for our live performance!


Musical Stars 2019 presents

The Jungle Book & The Lion King Jr

22nd– 28thSeptember 2019, at The Little Theatre Lower Hutt

As usual, this year we’ll present a family show in two parts.

ACT One: THE JUNGLE BOOK – featuring all Tui children and some of our older children

ACT Two: THE LION KING Disney Jr – featuring all children (Kereru, Kea and Tui).

While details are to be finalised, our Kea and Kereru children will perform in allLion King shows, but there will be a rotating main cast of characters and Tui children in these shows. More details to follow.

School Performances

One of the fantastic things about the Musical Stars experience is the ability to offer shows to school and early childhood audiences. We know from past shows that for some children this will be their first exposure to live musical theatre. This year we will showcase THE LION KING to our school audiences.

We’d love to hear from you if your child’s school, syndicate, or class would like to attend one of our school shows!

Our youngest Tui children will NOT be needed for the school shows.

Extra Rehearsals and Show times

There will be extra rehearsals required as we get closer to performances. We will obviously try to minimise these and give you as much notice as possible. Please let us know as soon as possible, if you are unable to attend rehearsals or shows as it does affect casting and other children.Please see the key dates at the end of this newsletter.

Please note that there will be a small amount of time needed DURING SCHOOL TIMEduring theatre week, so that children can familiarise themselves with the theatre, get up to speed with the technical (sound, lighting and staging) aspects of the show, and in performing to school and early childhood groups. The Performing Arts supports many aspects of the NZ School Curriculum and as such is a valuable opportunity for our children. Should you need it, we will have information available to send to schools in support of your child’s engagement in this.


The Jungle Book

We will not be auditioning for the Jungle book, but as our teachers work with children in the coming weeks we will make casting decisions and let you know as soon as possible. 

The Lion King

Auditions for main character roles for The Lion King will take place on:

6thand 7thApril, High Five Early Education Centre – 300 Evans Bay Parade, Hataitai

Auditions will run between 10am – 3pm each day. After your child registers interest in auditioning they will be given a half hour slotalong with another group of children.

All Kea and Kereru children have received an audition packsend by email. They will need to signal their interest in auditioning and choose one of five short scripts to learn. Obviously, the more work they can put into their audition piece at home, the better prepared they will be and the more they can showcase their skills. While this is quite a formal process, we’ll keep it fun and we will also ensure that the children are emotionally supported throughout the process. If you have any concerns please contact me.


As usual we will be pulling together three main casts – they may well be mixed venue casts from across all three of our venues (Hutt, Karori and Island Bay). While this does have its challenges and places additional demands on our teaching team, it does allow more children the opportunity to take on lead roles. Casting will be advised as soon as possible after the auditions.

Your Role

Musical Stars is a team game. The children come and learn to perform, the experiences they gain are every rich and only made stronger by the support of their families. We need you more than ever this year to be part of our performances and all the work that goes on behind the scenes to make it happen. You are our Production Team!

While we are very fortunate to have a small number of parents who volunteer… this year there is a lot to do to get various herds, troupes and flocks of animals to the stage!!

We will desperately need teams of people to help with:

  • making costumes
  • making costume elements such as head wear and masks
  • making props and scenery

Musical Stars families make great friends and you won’t be doing it alone. Or if you prefer a quick brief and can take things home to work on, that works too!

Please let me know how you can help!


Later we will provide each family with a list of any additional basic costume requirements (eg shoes, leggings). It may include items that you already have or can borrow.

In order to make and fit children with costumes this year, please forward the following details for your child as soon as possible to

The easiest way to send it back to us is:

  • Fill in the form
  • Take a photo of the form with your phone
  • Email the photo to:


Standard T shirt size
A:  Shoulder to ankle cm
B: Shoulder to elbow cm
C: Elbow to wrist cm
D: Chest cm
E: Underarm to waist cm
F: Waist cm
G: Hips cm
H: Waist to hips cm
I: Hips to ankle cm
J: Knee to ankle cm
K: Waist to ankle cm


We use email as our primary form of communication with families but this will only work if you are a regular user. Please let me know if you would rather have a paper notice or a phone call. For those who do check their emails regularly please let us know if you change addresses!


Please send your child to class with a named A4 clear file folder so that they can keep all scripts neatly together


All parents are expected to supervise groups backstage during show week. Later in the year we may need to share contact details to enable families coordinate rosters and carpooling etc. Please let me know if you do notwish your contact details to be available.

Please also let us know if you do notwant your child’s PHOTO or VIDEO to be used or shared by Musical Stars.

Summary of Key Dates

Lion King Auditions

 6thand 7thApril, High Five Early Education Centre – 300 Evans Bay Parade, Hataitai

The Lion King – Movie Fundraiser

July release, details to be confirmed.

Holiday Programme/Rehearsal

8th– 12thJuly, 9am – 3pm (1stWeek of the holidays) Venue and cost TBC, but aprx $30 per day.  This is not compulsory, but a lot of fun. Please don’t book your children into a holiday programme this week.

Sunday Rehearsals

During Term 3 we will be rehearsing every Sunday. Not every child will be needed every day. More details will be available after the auditions. Time and venue TBC

Hutt Winter Festival (optional)

15-17 August. Our children will be performing at some point during this festival. Details TBC.

Show week: Sunday 22nd– Saturday 28thSeptember @ Lower Hutt Little Theatre

Attendance at rehearsals during show week is compulsory

Technical and Dress Rehearsals

  • Tues 17th+ Wed 18thSept, as well as Sun 22nd to Wed 25th Times to be confirmed and will require some school time. Not all children will be needed on all days. We are aware that Artsplash rehearsals/shows may clash with the 17thand 18th. Please chat to us if you have a clash.

School Shows x4 shows: The Lion King

  • Thurs 26thSept + Fri 27th All Kea and Kereru children. Call times to be confirmed, but children will be required all day with performances likely at 10am and 1pm. NO Tui children needed

Family Shows x3 shows: Jungle Book + The Lion King

  • Fri 27thSept + Sat 28th Performances likely at 6pm, 11am and 3pm – TBC. Casts and call times to be confirmed


Lots of information! Any questions please ask.

If your child is unwell and unable to attend class, please let me know.

Kind regards

Talita and team