Online lessons will be delivered on the website through a system we have set up there. Simply go to and click on the Online Classes page. You will have to sign in with your personal login to be able to see the lessons.

How to log in to the online lesson system:

Your username is your first name with capitals 
eg: “John Smith”
Hyphens gets capitalised as well – eg: “Harriet Jones-Smith”
Your password your first name (without capitals), your group, plus the phrase “2020”
eg: “johnkea2020”
eg: “harrietkereru2020”
This login is case sensitive so please check your capitalisation.
Lessons consist of four parts:
The first part is the activity. There will be several different activities each week, one each for acting, drama and dance. All the activities will relate to an idea discussed in the videos. Read the instructions in this section.
The second part is the videos and the audio that the teachers have made for you. Please watch all of the videos for the week that you are in.
The third part is submission. Most of the activities will get you to make a video of your own in some sort of way, whether that is by speaking some lines in character, singing a piece or writing a short monologue or biography about a character you designed. This part is where you can submit that video or other file.
The fourth and coolest part is the Project Video. This will change weekly. It’s a collation of all the videos you guys sent us last week, but what form that will take, we are not yet sure. It’s something that you guys get to keep. It might be a music video of all of your singing together or something else entirely. But you can watch it on the website.
If you have any questions about your account please email


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