Take care

This year’s show was about environmental concerns in New Zealand and what we can all do to help with conservation.  Held during NZ conservation week, this musical supported the messages from the Department of Conservation,  Wellington Zoo Bush Builders programme, and Zealandia about conserving our environment.

Filled with adventure, humour, and songs, “Take Care – A musical to Conserve”, follows a group of children on a journey to identify and understand the environmental issues that threaten New Zealand; a journey that sets them on a path where they learn what they can do and also how they can educate and inspire the adults around them to make changes to conserve our environment for future generations.  Our show provided colourful fun with an original script written for the New Zealand situation. It included original songs from our own teachers along with some good old fashioned Kiwi favourites – “How Bizarre”, Slice of Heaven” and many more.