Welcome to Musical Stars in 2012!

We trust that you and your family have all had a restful and well-deserved break. We are
really excited about what this year holds for the team and look forward to the adventures in
front of us!
It is great to welcome back familiar faces and a special welcome to all who are joining us for
the first time in 2012!
As you may know this year is our 10 year anniversary and we are preparing lots of events to
celebrate this occasion. We already had a meeting to redesign the Christmas float and we will
start with this project at the beginning of April.
We are all in for a fabulous time, dancing and singing, performing and laughing. We have a lot
of fun and everyone gets involved so we can all enjoy the wonderful experiences of
performing. Kids and adults – Remember to make friends with those you don’t recognize, it
can be tough arriving new into a busy group like this!
New Teacher
Hazel Douglas, who just arrived from Edinburgh will be joining the team. She is a fantastic
dancer with lots of experience working with young children to adolescents. She danced and
tought all round the world including the Tacloban (Philippines), New Jersey (USA), Edinburgh,
London & Aberdeen. She is really keen to start working with us and can’t wait to meet you all
She is also keen on opening a class for preschoolers, so if any of you are interested let us
know and we could start a class before Musical Stars with the younger candidates.
It’s great to have her onboard and I know everyone will make them feel welcome.
And of course we still have our wonderful teachers, Trudy, Debbie, Jacquie and Karen!
What are we about?
Musical Stars are classes for children who love performing; want to develop the art of
engaging audiences, who can’t stop dancing, enjoy music and work as part of a team.
Our passion is to provide children with the skills, confidence and secure environment to do all
of these things. We take our youngest and build their skills giving them enough to succeed
and enjoy while having fun. The older students continue to develop their skills and are
challenged further with more performing opportunities introduced. We will also encourage 2
them to sit for the Trinity Exams, individual and in groups, after the fantastic grades the
children got last year.
Our aim is to provide for every child’s need at an appropriate level, we are building their
confidence together with their drive, commitment and ability. From providing development
classes for those who need the basic skills to advanced programmes for those working at a
higher level. Our experienced teachers continuously assess and make decisions according to
individual needs.
We are always happy to discuss our child so please feel free to contact me. As you can
imagine class time can be very busy so the best solution is for us to make a time to talk. Just
email or call.
This newsletter contains a lot of information about our programme for the year. Obviously
more detail will follow as performances get closer but please read this carefully, fill in your
diaries and put this somewhere safe.
Venues this year
City Class Monday classes: Life Point Church, 61 Hopper St, Te Aro, 3.30 – 5 or 5.30pm
Karori Wednesday classes: Karori Baptist Church, Karori Rd, 3.30 – 5 or 5.30pm
L. Hutt Thursday classes: St Marks Church, 58 Woburn Rd, L. Hutt, 3.30 – 5 or 5.30pm
Classes: Generally classes will be organised by birthday year. There are four age groups in
each venue working at the same time. We call the: Piwakawaka, Tui, Kea and Kereru. Make
sure you know the name of the group your child is into. It makes communication easier.
Invoices have been emailed so please contact me if you have not received yours. Late
payment will result in a weekly penalty fee. These can be paid directly into our account,
Musical Stars 38-9003-0215155-00, Or send a cheque to: Musical Stars, 20 Howard Rd,
Point Howard, Lower Hutt
The term fees cover our professional staff and venue fees but there will be a few additional
costs throughout the year. A t-shirt will be invoiced in Term 2 for approximately $22.
There will also be a production levy for our productions in September.
There are many costs involved with a production and we look to minimize these through
grants, sponsorship and donations of materials or services. We will apply for various grants
to enable us to provide the necessary technical support for the children (lighting and sound),
costumes, makeup, marketing, set and props. We are also hoping to find some sponsorship
from local businesses. You can advertise in the programme for a very small fee. Fundraising is
always an option however it requires commitment of time. If you know of anyone who may be
able to help us out with money, skills, discounts or materials please let me know. This year we
want to get lots of local businesses involved in our production of “Save the Planet” – The
Musical. We challenge you all to help us find sponsors to make the best production we can
Your role
Musical Stars is a team game. The children come and learn to perform, the experiences they
gain are every rich and only made stronger by the support of their families. You are welcome
to come along to classes; we need you to be part of the performances and all the work that 3
goes on to make it happen. You are our Production Team. There are jobs ranging from
organising helpers rosters, to buying/making props and scenery, making costumes, designing
programmes to buying tea and coffee. With everyone helping out this also enables us to keep
our costs down. Musical Stars families make great friends.
Once we confirm the performance date we will be recruiting helpers for the different
aspects of the show. We will love to have as many people involved as we can to make it easier
for the children. Also if the children see you are involved they get much more involved and
the experience becomes much more rewarding.
We use email as our primary form of communication with families but this will only work if
you are a regular user. Please let me know if you would rather have a paper notice or phone
call for messages.
For those who do check their emails regularly please let us know if you change addresses!
Rosters – later in the year we may need to share contact details to enable families coordinate
rosters etc. Please let me know if you do not wish your contact details to be available.
Our main performance this year will be once again held at Toi Whakari Drama School in
Dates: Tuesday11th – Sunday 16th of September.
During that week we will have dress and technical rehearsals at the theatre. This will require
children to miss school at times this week. This can’t be avoided, the opportunity to perform
in a theatre is a wonderful experience for the children and is generally not a concern to the
We’ll rehearse every Sunday for 4 weeks before this – 19 August, 26 August, 2 Sept, 9 Sept.
The venue is likely to be Victoria University Karori Campus on Donald St.
Please put these dates in your calendars and share them with your families
We try to keep this simple. We will provide you with a list of any requirements. It may
include items that you may already have or be able to borrow. However there will be a number
of items we will need to create. This is an area we need as much help as possible. All
material, basic patterns and instructions will be provided. We are hoping a small team of
sewers may take this on to help with consistency. We are very keen to hear from you if you
have any spare material that we can use in the creation of our costumes or set.
Extra Rehearsals
There will be some extra rehearsals required, as we get closer to performances. We will
obviously try to minimize these and give you as much warning as possible, as we are aware of
everyone’s busy schedules. Please let us know as soon as possible, if you are unable to attend
rehearsals or shows as it does affect others. We are also going to prepare a letter to send to
schools to let them know the details of rehearsals.4
During the performance, the children will have the opportunity to sit for the Musical Theatre
group Trinity Exams. The examiner will come to watch the performance and evaluate the
children. More information will come later.
This year’s show:
This year we are going to do our annual performance in September. We are very exited with
this Musical we purchased called “Save the Planet”. It won many awards and the musical is
fantastic. We’ll let you know more about it very soon.
While all the children are able to audition we are particularly encouraging our two older
groups, Keas and Kereru for the main character roles.
So here we go…
Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns or